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The Io Foundation develops projects to combat and control Infectious diseases in the third and first world. Looking for the transformation and improvement of the most disadvantaged communities. Raising awareness and combatting all infectious diseases, including injustice.

Our project

Our foundation´s philosophy is based on action. We strongly believe in people, their capacity for action and their potential for change. We encourage active participation in projects. We respect the culture and customs of all those we help. We maintain a committed and transparent management organization. We are here to stay.

Our gold is to achieve a more engaged and participatory society in which every person is a part of a more just and sustainable world.

International Infectious Diseases Organization

Io Foundation or International Infectious Disease Organization, consists of a group of professionals dedicated to developing the appropriate management of zoonoses and infectious diseases in general.

" The journey does not end ever. Only travelers end. And they can also survive in memory, in narrative ... The purpose of a trip is only the beginning of another journey." Saramago



A new book: Infectopatología; shortly.

Nuevo libro

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